‘Carcassonne’ for iPad Update Hitting This December

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What’s taking the guys behind Carcassonne [$4.99] so long to update the app with universal support? Creating and then implementing new UI ain’t easy. But rest assured, the update will hit in 2010 as planned. In fact, it’ll hit later this month.

In a new blog post, the crew lightly details some of the work that has been done and even shares some exciting new screenshots of the new, bigger, and enhanced UI elements we’ll be fiddling with in the coming days. (And fiddle we will; this game flat-out rocks.)

“After being busy working out details, new designs and user interfaces, we are ready to commit to a release of the iPad update in December," the post reads. “So in a short while you’ll be able to enjoy Carcassonne on the big screen and we will start working on expansions and adding Game Center support."

Here’s a sampling of what’s being shown:

As you may have caught in the above, after this update is complete and available, the studio will be turning its eyes to updates and Game Center support. Add-on content is something even board-based fans of the title have been receiving for years, so there’s a deep pool of content to pick from. Bring it on!

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