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New Teaser Video for Upcoming ‘Astronut’ from The Iconfactory

Developer The Iconfactory, who most may know as co-developer of the game Ramp Champ [$1.99] or from the popular Twitter client Twitterrific [Free], have announced their latest iOS project titled Astronut. Astronut looks to have similar gameplay to Jump O’Clock [99¢], where you are launching a character upwards to various spinning discs, but in Astronut some of these discs appear to have gravity which adds quite an interesting element to this style of gameplay.

The following teaser for Astronut doesn’t show a whole lot of gameplay, but it does give you a quick glimpse of what the game should be like:

So far the only details we have on Astronut is that there will be 24 levels across 6 different “sectors" and Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements. Also, the game will be free to download and try, though I’m not sure if that means a full game will be unlockable through IAP or if it will be more like a freemium title with some sort of monetization of certain game elements. The game is said to be “coming soon" and we’ll keep our eye out for more information on Astronut in the coming weeks.