Freebie Friday Multiplayer Mayhem: ‘Stone Wars’ and ‘Galcon Labs’

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Epic Force’s Stone Wars [Free] hit the App Store late last year, and actually has been free for a while now but thanks to our very own Free App Man it was brought to our attention and I’m actually enjoying the game quite a bit. Initially it seemed like Stone Wars was just your typical Worms clone with turn-based gameplay featuring various weapons and considerably less cartoony charm… That is, until you realize just how much multiplayer functionality the game has. You can play Stone Wars locally with a single device, locally via either WiFi or Bluetooth, or online in real time and of course there are single player modes where you can play against an AI opponent.

Online multiplayer actually works really well, you can either just wait to be match with a random opponent or create either a public or passworded game room for people to join. There isn’t much of a delay between moves, and gameplay worked just fine on the single bar of EDGE that I’m rocking right now on my iPhone. Stone Wars has been free since late June, and according to the iTunes description is a “limited time promotion" for their latest game, Super Laser: The Alien Fighter [$2.99 / Free] so I guess grab it quick if you want it as who knows when it’s going back to paid.

Galcon Labs [Free] takes the gameplay from the original Galcon [$2.99 / Free] with several new game modes. Galcon is a fast-paced strategy game where players take over planets by tapping them to dispatch forces from a nearby planet. Think real-time Risk in space played either locally or online against other players. When it was originally released, Galcon Labs was criticized for not providing enough new content to justify a complete sequel as the core gameplay was basically the same with some slight variation from the different game modes, but now that it’s free Galcon Labs is something you should download as soon as possible.

Galcon Labs is free for today only, and if you enjoy it make sure you check out the original Galcon or Galcon Fusion [$4.99] if you own an iPad.

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