‘Helsing’s Fire’ Updated – Increased Difficulty, Various Tweaks, and Best of All: New Victory Animation

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Last month we took a look at Helsing’s Fire [99¢], an absolutely fantastic puzzle game by Ratloop and published by Clickgamer. We thought the game was great in our review as it sports a unique gameplay mechanic we had yet to see on the iPhone. Players position a torch in the game world, and from there are able to attack the baddies that are within line of sight using a variety of multi-colored tonics. Things eventually get complicated as new monsters are introduced with both behave differently and require different combinations of tonics and torch positioning to vanquish.

Since our review, one of the main criticisms I’ve seen of the game is how slowly the difficulty ramps up since most of the earlier levels required very little thought at all. Ratloop addressed this concern by both making the game harder faster and adding the “absurd" difficulty level, even warning players in the iTunes description that this new difficulty level is “way too hard." There are now multiple player profiles for those who share their device with other people, and they even added a new colorblind mode for those who had issue with the red, green, and blue palette of the enemies.

Performance has been tweaked for higher frame rates, and you can now listen to your own music while playing. Best of all, there’s an entirely new victory animation– The Tomahawk. Overall, 1.1 is a fantastic update to an already great game. If you already own Helsing’s Fire, make sure you grab 1.1, and if you need more convincing to download the game, take a look at our review or read the overwhelmingly positive responses in the thread in our forums.

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