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Upcoming ‘Cannon Cadets’ – ‘Angry Birds’ Meets Evil Monkeys and Robots?

In the hit-based market of the App Store, it’s somewhat expected at this point to see developers building games which seem to be highly inspired by other extremely successful games– In this case, Angry Birds [99¢ / Free / HD]. When Flight Control [99¢ / HD] was burning up the charts, Harbor Master [$1.99 / Free / HD] was released, providing some variety on an incredibly popular game type which iPhone gamers gobbled up at the time. It’s hard to say if Cannon Cadets will be able to duplicate the same phenomenon, but judging by the trailer it seems to have some very familiar physics-powered cannon gameplay with some new twists such as moving platforms and hidden levels accessible by hitting targets.

As someone who has completely obliterated every level of Angry Birds on both my iPhone and then again on the iPad, I can’t wait for more content both from Angry Birds updates and any other developer who wants to deliver similar gameplay. If XMG Studio can provide that, all I can say is that I can’t wait to play it.

Cannon Cadets is coming soon, and according to TUAW will come packed with Retina Display support as well as a version for the iPad following after the initial iPhone release.