Upcoming ‘Epic Win’ App Bridges the Gap Between Getting Things Done and Experience Points

I’m not entirely sure if this is something you’d even classify as a “game", but if there’s one thing gamers like it’s earning experience points, filling up bars, and just generally leveling up regardless of when, where, or why. The Epic Win app seeks to close the divide between actually doing things in the real world, and this intense desire to level up anything you can in any way possible in the virtual world.

The trailer does a better job explaining it than I could possibly could:

Epic Win has some serious video game design pedigree behind it, both with Rexbox who worked on Little Big Planet for the PSP and PS3 as well as Studio FungFung who is best known for MiniSquadron [$2.99 / Free]. I’m not entirely sure if earning experience points in an iPhone game is enough motivation to get anyone to do anything, and it does seem awfully easy to cheat in the game… But, without truly knowing just how epic the Epic Win app is, all we can do is speculate.