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‘Spinzizzle’ Review – A Cool Puzzle Game with a Weird Name

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Press OK Entertainment, the guys behind Finger Physics [99¢ / Free], had another puzzle game hit the App Store this morning. Spinzizzle [$1.99 / Free] takes the familiar match three formula and adds a fun spin to it, in that you’re literally spinning the game board to make the matches.

Each level of Spinzizzle has a dial with a slightly different layout that holds the various balls you have to match. Spinning the dial causes any balls which free spaces next to them to fall, and doing well in the game involves analyzing the playing field and figuring out which way you need to turn the dial in order to clear all of the balls on the screen without mixing them up too much to score any matches.

Once three matching balls link up, they become locked on the dial, and you can keep spinning it to make more matches. Because chains of balls get locked in place when they’re initially matched, there’s actually a surprising amount of strategy found in the game between figuring out how to spin the dial to arrange the balls before actually getting any matches to make sure that once you do the other balls are still free to get matched as well.

Of course you can’t spend all day figuring out the best moves as the entire game is timed, with more time awarded for every successful match. Two game modes are included, a story mode where players progress through many different dial layouts (some much more difficult than others) and action mode which allows you to replay any dial layout from the story mode and see how high of a score you can get before time runs out.

To mix things up further, a number of different wild balls also pop up while you’re playing which really seem to be the key to scoring high. Speaking of scores, Spinzizzle comes loaded with OpenFeint for all kinds of online leaderboards and all the other things OpenFeint brings to the table.

With how many match three games are on the App Store, it really takes a lot to stand out from the rest. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Spinzizzle, largely in part because it’s often entirely possible to clear the entire game board at once, and figuring out how to do that is a really good time if you’re a puzzle game perfectionist. The game launched along site a lite version, so if this review has at all piqued your interest I really recommend at least giving the free Spinzizzle a spin.

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