Get Your Double Credits in ‘Eliminate’ Starting … Now

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Double experience point weekends are commonplace these days, as big traditional developers like Infinity Ward, Epic Games or Treyarch award their hopelessly addicted, and often most demanding, players with free points. But even the mobile folk are getting into the game. Take, for example, ngmoco.

Starting this afternoon, the developer is awarding “double credit compensation" in its free-to-play competitive shooter (with a newly added cooperative mode), Eliminate [Free].

Until Monday at 12 PM PST, players eager for progression will earn double the points in deathmatch. The official Eliminate blog notes that the double credits don’t extend to cooperative play. The blog also threw down this dandy quotable immediately following the note: “A stronger employee is a better employee, two stronger employees working together are an insurance liability."

Users on the Touch Arcade forums still seem to be digging this game quite a bit, and now seems like the best of times to jump in.

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