Telltale Games Reveals ‘Puzzle Agent’

Telltale Games, the creators of Sam & Max [App Store] and Tales of Monkey Island, revealed a new iPhone-bound puzzle game last afternoon at a San Francisco-based event.

It’s called Puzzle Agent, and according to IGN’s write-up, it seeks to jump outside the usual Telltale mold by integrating the studio’s signature story-telling with Professor Layton-style, scene-based puzzles.

The game’s visual art is the product of former Telltale designer Graham Annable, the creator of Grickle. His pen and ink, purposefully crude approach comes through prominently in Puzzle Agent.

Players will be controlling an FBI Agent named Nelson Tether and apparently will be tasked with uncovering what hidden mysteries the desolate and snow-laden Scoggins, Minnesota holds.

Telltale Games started teasing Puzzle Agent via a splash page on their official website earlier this month. The page featured the Agent standing in the forefront of an old factory. A sign just behind the Tether’s shoulder read “Welcome to Scoggins."

It’s possible the secret of Scoggins has something to do with the little red gnomes that appear when mousing over objects on this splash page.

Telltale only showed a brief video of the game at the event, but the developer did share that the game will have a hint system tied to Tether’s love of chewing gum.

Puzzle Agent will hit the iPhone and iPad, as well as several other platforms, this June. Unlike Telltale’s other IPs, Puzzle Agent might not be the first in a line of episodic titles based on Tether’s adventures. According to IGN, this is the flagship project for the Telltale Pilot Program, a program designed around gauging interest in a title before tossing it into the usual episodic model.