PopCap Working on Other iPad Games

Plants vs. Zombies HD soon isn’t going to be the only PopCap game on the iPad, according to information we received today.

“We are working on other iPad adaptations of some of our leading franchises," Andrew Stein, director of the studio’s mobile business development, told us this morning via e-mail, “so it’s probably safe to say that at least one of the games you cite will eventually make its way to Apple’s latest device."

In our question put to Stein, we asked if the iPad would ever see a Peggle, Chuzzle, or Bejeweled release.

Chuzzle [App Store] appears to be the unlikeliest of the bunch despite its critical acclaim. Peggle [App Store] and Bejeweled [App Store] probably warrant the “leading franchise" tag considering both IPs have received enough backing to have multiple releases across a diverse range of platforms. It’s a list that includes Xbox LIVE Arcade, Macintosh, iPhone, and even browsers.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly excited for whatever game (or games) PopCap finally decides to bring to the iPad. All of their existing iPhone games work fine scaled up on the iPad, but after seeing what a fantastic job they did with Plants vs. Zombies, we’d really like to see Peggle get the same treatment.