iPad Mania Begins… Syncing Now!

Since Arnold and Blake foolishly decided to trust the fate of their weekend in the questionably capable hands of Saturday delivery drivers, I’m the first person in the TouchArcade crew to successfully secure an iPad. I’m still waiting for the hundreds of iPad games we’ve been hoarding since they started showing up on the App Store to sync, but so far my initial impressions of the device are almost exactly what I expected.

The screen is beautiful, browsing the internet on is great, and the included Apple apps (notably the iPad mail client) are especially impressive and will undoubtedly make the iPhone feel cramped in comparison if I get too used to it. The one thing that did take me by surprise is the weight of the device, especially being so use to the feel of my Kindle. But, according to reviews, the battery figures Apple provided apparently are accurate and I’m more than willing to put up with a little extra bulk for a device that can go all day without being plugged in.

I’m likely going to be spending the day powering through as many of the iPad launch lineup as possible, as well as seeing how quickly I can adapt my iPhone video shooting rig to the larger device. I’ve got my personal list of games I’m the most interested in trying, but (assuming they made appropriate offerings to the gods of Saturday delivery) Arnold and Blake should soon be joining me in the iPad fiesta.

I suppose we can take requests for what you guys would like to see first, so feel free to drop a comment on this story and we’ll try to prioritize our initial impressions based on the general consensus. The first game I’m going to be firing up is Mirror’s Edge [App Store, quickly followed by Warpgate HD [App Store], and I’m not even sure to go from there.

Also, if you’re curious to see any specific iPhone game upscaled on the iPad, we’ll likely also be doing a roundup of sorts of iPhone classics running on the iPad or something like that.