Hands On Videos with Scrabble for iPad, Real Racing HD, Asphalt 5 HD and Labyrinth 2 HD

The Apple iPad is about to launch this morning, and up until now, Apple has been very tight with early access to the tablet device. So much so, it’s been rare to see footage of games played on actual devices. In fact, many developers have been unable to test their games on final hardware.

This morning, Apple has posted some in-hand videos of several well known games being played on the iPad. Here they are:

Scrabble for iPad

Asphalt 5 HD

Real Racing HD

Note we’ve received full size (1027×768) screenshots from Real Racing HD: one, two, three, four, five

Labyrinth 2 HD

All of these games are already available in the App Store. We’ll have our own hands on videos with various iPad games once we have our iPads in hand.

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