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Coming Soon: ‘Pocket Creatures’ – An Open-World Pet Sim

Tactile Entertainment is working on what they call an “open-world pet sim” and it’s called Pocket Creatures. At first glance it just looks like another pet sim but after watching the new trailer it looks like there is potential for more.

Something worth mentioning regarding this developer is that their founder and CEO, Asbjoern Soendegaard, was also the development manager on Crysis, a PC game released in 2008 that is still used as a benchmark for pushing gaming PC’s to their limits today. In Pocket Creatures you will be able to explore a tropical world, plant a garden, and find other NPC creatures to interact with. Everything you do effects the world your creature is living in. There also appears to be a magic element to it too. Admittedly, with the links to Crysis, our expectations are high.


Tactile Entertainment hopes to have Pocket Creatures on the App Store by the end of March. Also, be sure to check out the developer’s blog, where they have a lot of character development sketches up. We will be meeting with CEO Asbjoern Soendegaard at GDC, and should have some hands-on time with Pocket Creatures as well next week.