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Coming Soon: ‘Skate It’ from EA – Screenshots and Details

It’s no big surprise that when it gets close to a big conference (Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco) that developers will taunt us with new screens.

Earlier today EA released some details on their upcoming port of “Skate It” to the iPhone. If you’re not a console gamer, Skate It was the skate board for the Wii and/or DS that has gotten high marks. The iPhone version’s release date is set for May 2010.

Here’s the video for the DS version of the game:

If the screenshots are any indication it’s going to look impressive, but we will have to wait and see how it plays.

Key Features

  • FEEL IT & PICK UP AND PLAY LIKE IT’S FOR REAL: We’ve maxed out the potential of your accelerometer and gesture controls. Get a real feel of a true skate experience as you conquer the skater nirvana that is “San Vanelona" or roll through real-world locations.
  • FLICK- IT & LAND YOUR TRICKS: Use the revolutionary touchscreen Flick-it controls to pull off ollies, kickflips, heelflips, Pop Shuvits, and more.
  • BE IT & LIVE THE LIFE OF THE PROS: Freeskate as a selected pro skater, or as your own customized guy or girl. Score Personal Bests in Career mode, and get sponsorships and perks galore.
  • KILL IT & UNLOCK STUFF: Own challenges and KILL them to get the really good stuff — from new boards to outfits. Unlock fresh skate spots, too. Gain enough gear and create your own killer skate park.
  • FILM IT & SEE YOUR SKILLS IN ACTION: Capture every sick line or epic bail on camera. Replay footage to view your mastery or just for your own amusement.
  • KICK IT TO YOUR OWN TUNES: You can even shred to a soundtrack from your own music library.


The expectations on our forums are high with most people hoping for better controls then other the skate games on the iPhone.