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‘The Hero’ Hands-On Preview with Video

Following a pair of really cool teaser trailers, we finally got our hands on a copy of The Hero, a game where you play as super hero doing various super hero-y things like flying around dispatching bad guys using three different super powers while high-fiving people hanging out their windows and catching falling babies.

The graphics of The Hero are absolutely incredible, all of the animations are extremely well done, and the landscapes are beautifully detailed. You control your hero by using a virtual joystick in the bottom right corner, and can speed up by mashing the on-screen button on the bottom right corner. The controls work well enough, although making precise movements can be challenging as you can’t just stop in mid-air and turn around, your hero has to go through his whole turning around animation before you can go the other way. This is a minor complaint, but something I ran in to a few times while playing.

While I’m not very far in The Hero yet, the game seems to have a considerable amount of content with a full campaign where you fight crime in 15 different levels along with an unlockable survival mode. Two difficulty options are available, along with Chillingo’s Crystal integration which brings online leaderboards and achievements to the table.

Expect a full review of The Hero when it’s released soon on the App Store.