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‘Street Fighter IV’ Set to Ultra-Combo the App Store

Arcade fighter fans should probably sit down for this news. As IGN reports, Capcom has just announced that the latest installment of what is perhaps the most popular fighting series ever created will shortly be landing on the iPhone and iPod touch. That’s right, Street Fighter IV is on the way.

Set to arrive in the App Store sometime next month, Street Fighter IV is no quick port, hastily tossed at the iPhone in the name of getting a mobile version out on the streets. Capcom has apparently taken the iPhone conversion of their brawler quite seriously. They’ve spent months perfecting the on-screen virtual control systems, alone, realizing that the game demands highly precise controls for true mastery. And, despite the iPhone’s diminutive screen, visual assets have been taken directly from the existing, high-resolution games. The character models are reportedly the same as in the other versions, only slightly scaled down, and with little color or detail loss, to speak of.

While Capcom has not listed the full roster of fighters to be included in the iPhone version, they have confirmed that Ryu and Ken will be aboard. The studio indicates that the iPhone version will include both classic characters from past installments, as well as new characters from existing versions of Street Fighter IV. Each character will include their complete move set, as well as their highly-animated Ultra Combos.

Friends who want to tear the virtual stuffing out of each other are in luck, as the iPhone version fully supports Bluetooth multiplayer for head-to-head brawls, in addition to the standard tournament matches.

We’ll keep readers updated with additional details on this exciting upcoming release as we get them. See a gallery of iPhone Street Fighter IV screenshots over at IGN.