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‘Robot Rampage’ Hands-On Preview with Video

Origin8 already has a library of good games on the App Store, including both Sentinel and Sentinel 2, two of my favorite tower defense games. They’re heading in a new direction with their latest title, Robot Rampage, a seemingly endless survival game where you play as a gigantic robot armed with a super laser.

Your massive robot is controlled with a variety of touch gestures. Tapping on the side of the screen causes the robot to move in that direction, holding a finger down on the screen fires the laster in that direction. The robot can also punch and stomp by tapping on either side of the robot’s torso to punch, and tapping its legs to stomp. As you destroy your surroundings, a gauge in the top left corner fills up. Once full, you can tap and hold the robot to charge up a massive attack that clears the screen.

The following trailer released by Origin8 goes over the controls and other features:

Gameplay is fairly simple, and involves little more than destroying everything in your path and continually moving right. The difficulty ramps up nicely as the forces of Earth increasingly their efforts to stop you by deploying more soldiers, tanks and other defenses. Every ten blocks you clear restores your health, and when you finally die your score is submitted to OpenFeint.

Robot Rampage is set to launch for $1.99 as soon as its approved by Apple. The graphics are just as high quality as the rest of the Origin8 games and the whole thing is dripping in awesome cheesy B-movie Sci-Fi charm. Keep an eye out for Robot Rampage in the not too distant future if you’re a fan of giant robot destruction.