‘Arodius’ – A Dual-Stick Shooter with Plentiful Power-Ups

It seems like the App Store is absolutely loaded with dual-stick shooters lately, similar to last year where it seemed like a new tower defense game was being released every other day. Even though the genre is getting more and more crowded, developers are still finding ways to stick out from the pack. Arodius [App Store] accomplishes this with extremely smooth sprite-based graphics and enough power-ups to choke a horse.

Arodius works like every other dual-stick shooter out there, except instead of taking the survival route the game is split in to individual levels where you have to clear a set number of waves usually ending in some kind of huge boss monster. As you kill the waves of enemies, they randomly drop power-ups which work exactly like a good vertical shooter with each power-up incrementally increasing your offensive power.

As you upgrade your weapons, you eventually get to the point that you’re just spewing lasers and bullets across the entire screen. There’s also a shield power up that allows you to withstand one hit and as you kill enemies a gauge on the bottom of the screen slowly fills up allowing you to unleash a huge area effect attack that takes out tons of nearby baddies.

All this madness can be seen in the following trailer:

Arodius has had an overwhelmingly positive response in our forums and I’ve had a good time mowing down legions of enemies with my souped up weaponry. If you’re a dual-stick shooter fanatic, this is one you won’t want to miss.

App Store Link: Arodius, 99¢