‘Trundle’ – A Free Game You Need

Mobile Bros’ puzzle platformer Trundle [App Store] was released yesterday, and is getting nowhere near the attention it deserves. Trundle is a free game with a neat art style all tied together with simple tilt and touch controls that create a great (but short) gameplay experience.

The object of the game is to simply roll a black ball from one side of the screen to the other. Tilting the phone controls your movement, and tapping on the screen jumps. Along the way you’ll come across different vehicles to ride in, switches to activate, platforms to navigate, and other obstacles that often have different physics-based challenges to overcome.

Trundle itself is rather short, and shouldn’t take you much more than an hour to finish. However, the iTunes description mentions additional level packs available in the future via an in-game purchase. I had a lot of fun playing through the game, and I think this kind of DLC model is great, especially since the amount of content in Trundle doesn’t make the game feel like a demo at all.

The few people who have downloaded the game already in our forums are really enjoying it so far, and I doubt I’m alone in hoping they hurry it up with the additional level packs.

App Store Link: Trundle, Free