Five Crazy Games: Teh Internets, House M.D., Ninja Honda Karate, Meowcenaries, and Genius Defense Force

It’s not a secret to any of our regulars that I’ve taken an unnatural liking to a lot of really crazy games on the App Store, and recently I’ve found five new ones. Keep in mind, these games aren’t for everyone, as they range from strange to really strange– But if you too enjoy games that have you shaking your head and saying to yourself, “Really? Someone made this game?" then these are all worth a look.

teh internets, 99¢ – A game that is absolutely at capacity when it comes to internet memes. Use a virtual joystick to pilot a roflcopter, collect lolcats, avoid pop ups, feed trolls, and break through firewalls. The gameplay isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but the whole package is something that must be experienced if you’re the kind of person who enjoys running memes in to the ground.

IMG_0001 2

House M.D. – The Game, $2.99 – You might ask yourself, “How does a medical drama translate to a iPhone game?" Well, I’m still trying to figure that out myself. House M.D. is a logic game that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but if you follow the show, there are so many terrible inside jokes and I’ve been enjoying the game for that reason alone. Also, who would have ever expected Dr. Wilson to be shilling OpenFeint? There is a trailer of sorts for other mobile platforms on YouTube, and it looks like little has changed aside from the interface.

Video by AppBank

Ninja Honda Karate, $2.99 – If Enviro-Bear 2010 was a rhythm game, it would be Ninja Honda Karate. I have no idea what’s going on in this game, but it somehow combines insane japanese pixel art with the feeling that I’m all the way back in 1985 again pounding out tunes on my light up single octave Casio keyboard. When you do well in the game, tanks, missiles, and fighter jets fly across the screen. And no, I can’t explain why, but maybe that’s part of the allure of Ninja Honda Karate.

Meowcenaries, $4.99 – This is what you get when you combine Freeverse’s Warpack Grunts with lolcats and a pair of virtual joysticks. Much like teh internets, the game is filled with memes and lolspeak, but under all that there’s actually a fairly decent little Cannon Fodder-inspired game. Like all Adult Swim games, it can be played for free online. Give the flash version a shot first to see if you like it enough to buy it for your iPhone.

Video by AppBank

Genius Defense Force, 99¢ – We previewed this game back in September, and since its released I’ve periodically loaded it up just to make myself feel dumb. Wrapped in a silly story about protecting Earth is a clever math game that requires you to solve simple problems in order to launch your weapons at the various malicious aliens that are attacking. There is even an option for reverse polish notation to appease the serious math nerds out there.