‘Noiz2sa Free’ – A Fully Free Shooter

557212Lazrhog Games has just released a fully free version of Kento Cho’s classic shooter Noiz2sa. A $0.99 version [App Store] has been floating around for some time, but the developer of that version allowed Lazrhog to release this much-modified and optimized version for free. [App Store]

The game is a classic kill-everything dodge-everything shooter adapted to the iPhone and iPod Touch:

Control the small red ship with your finger from any point on the screen and destroy all the aliens. Use multi-touch to direct your shots anywhere on the screen. There are 10 limited duration levels, and 4 endless levels to attack your high scores.

This one’s 100% free. If you like the game and want to support the developer, you can check out his other games [App Store]. Lazrhog was also responsible for iPlutoid.

App Store Link:: Noiz2sa Free, Free