‘Pandorum’ – A Sci-Fi/Horror 3rd Person Shooter

377740_2Artificial Life has released a new 3rd person shooter called Pandorum for the iPhone which is based on an upcoming movie by the same name.

Pandorum is a Sci-fi/Horror film directed by Christian Alvart that is scheduled to be released on September 25. The movie plot follows the plot of the game which is set as a 3rd person exploration game and shooter.

Two astronauts wake to find themselves drifting through space and with no memory of who they are. They believe that they must be the only ones aboard the spacecraft, but can hear sounds coming from its center. Exploring the spacecraft, they encounter several other surviving crewmembers, and the astronauts start to learn that a terrible event has occurred on board which might affect the survival of the entire human race.

Here’s the official movie trailer:

The game features a pretty immersive storyline that has you exploring the space ship while trying to reactivate the ship and find out what happened to the remainder of the crew. The mood of the game is dark and erie as you battle with psychological effects of deep space (known as Pandorum). These effects cause momentary hallucinations that can only be tempered by the use of antidotes that can be collected throughout.

The game is controlled through the use of a left virtual pad for movement and a right slider for left/right looking. The game’s engine doesn’t allow up/down looking at all. The controls take a bit getting used to, but can work reasonably well once you put a little time in it. The full version of the game has 5 missions split into 2 segments, so 10 levels in all and, based just on the Mission 1-1, should provide a fair amount of play time. Exploration and fighting are broken up by cut scenes and puzzle elements.

The game has gotten some positive feedback and does offer a feature complete Lite version to try.

App Store Link: Pandorum, $3.99, Pandorum Lite, Free