‘Ynth’ – A Different Kind of Puzzle Platformer

380165_3Two weeks ago, a small indie team called Krabl released their first iPhone game Ynth [$4.99 ] into the App Store. The game is an original iPhone platform puzzler that offers a unique game mechanic in which you as a small bug must rotate a box across marshland while avoiding the various obstacles. All the while you need to avoid falling into the water, getting killed by spikes, or being crushed by falling objects.

It’s an interesting concept for a game — and yet remains one that I want to like more than I actually do.

Technically the game is very well produced with good controls and nice artwork. On screen buttons allow you to jump left/right or (if you are against a wall) rotate the box you are in 90 degees left/right. Loose rocks inside the box can crush you, and you can only survive a fall of a certain distance. Additional elements, such as one way doors and springs add to the difficulty in later levels.

The game is hard to explain but this developer video shows the gameplay well:

Each level requires some trial and error to solve so even in the early levels you’ll find yourself playing them again and again (and not always in a good way). The developers do provide a generous Lite version which offers 9 levels from the full version and gives a very good taste of the game. The full version contains 60 levels.

We’re not sure if the gameplay captured us enough to fully recommend, but it’s certainly worth a try for those looking for a different kind of action puzzler.

App Store Link: Ynth, $4.99, Ynth Lite, Free