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IUGO’s Upcoming ‘Spy Bot Chronicles’ Platformer

spybot05IUGO announced that they have a new game coming for the iPhone called Spy Bot Chronicles. Based on the Toy Bot universe, Spy Bot appears to be a more traditional platformer with the ability to jump and shoot:

Toy Bot has been kidnapped! Thief Bot, the greedy kleptomaniac, has taken him to be used as a shiny, golden trophy and Spy Bot is the only one who can rescue him! Take control of Spy Bot as he jumps, shoots, and hacks his way through a varied 2D world of fun and adventure. Find Thief Bot’s hideout, save Toy Bot, and recover all the other stolen goods Thief Bot has swindled throughout the galaxy!

The game has already been submitted to Apple for review. IUGO lists the following features of the game, and estimates the game content to be equal to the entire 3 episodes of the Toy Bot series:

  • Innovative hack ability allows Spy Bot to change the world around him
  • 4 different zones containing hours of gameplay (we figure it’s about the size of TBD 1,2,3 COMBINED for content)
  • Hidden levels to find
  • 35 unique collectibles
  • Over half a dozen characterful enemies
  • Distinct music for each zone and major challenges
  • Interactive animation and art

The game seems to include left/right and jump buttons making it a bit of a departure from the original Toy Bot series which relied on tilt controls for movement.