Free Mini-Games for ‘Return to Mysterious Island’ Fans

RTMI extension titleTetraedge Games has just released Return to Mysterious Island 2 iPhone Extension [App Store], a free download that includes five mini-games inspired by puzzles from the desktop version of Return to Mysterious Island 2, as well as a sync utility that allows the iPhone-based mini-games to unlock their PC game counterparts.

The included mini-games:

  • Ants – A challenge to pick up as many ants crawling about an animal’s corpse as possible before the timer runs out.
  • Code – Find the four-digit code that opens a robot’s access door in 10 tries with partial success shown by red and green lights.
  • Circuit Board – Repair an electric circuit by placing matching spare components into the vacant sockets.
  • Altar – Arrange 15 numbers in a grid formation such that the row / column intersection point is the sum of its edge numbers.
  • Ocarina – Hear and see a musical sequence played on an Ocarina and repeat the sequence.  With each success, the sequence gets longer.

rtmi_mini screen

The app also includes several Return to Mysterious Island 2 iPhone wallpaper images.

Return to Mysterious Island 2 is the Mac / PC 2009 sequel to Return to Mysterious Island (which is available for the iPhone [link]).

App Store Link: Return to Mysterious Island 2 iPhone Extension, Free