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‘Rise of Lost Empires’ – A Real Time Strategy Game Coming from Gameloft

1243535520_logo-lostempires-copyjpgIt appears Gameloft is releasing their real-time strategy game Rise of Lost Empires for the iPhone and iPod touch very soon.

These screenshots appeared on Spazio Cellulare amongst other sites but we had a hard time finding the original source of the news. The @RiseLostEmpires Twitter account does say that the game is on the way for the iPhone.

The game was previously released for mobile phones and lists the following features:

  • A true game of strategy: colossal armies to lead, cities to build, and resources to manage.
  • 2 campaigns – one with humans, the other with Orcs – and no fewer than 20 missions.
  • Easy to pick up and play: build a city or lead an army with just a few clicks.
  • More than 20 units to control and 20 different buildings to construct.
  • 6 heroes with tremendous strength and magical powers that will lead your armies.
  • Digitized voices: hear your troops respond to the call of their master.

The mobile version of the game was highly rated.


The game is said to be awaiting approval.

Thanks antonioj