‘Saucelifter’: $0.99 Sale and Lite Version

saucelifter 1.1Madgarden’s Saucelifter [App Store] is one of my favorite games for the iPhone platform.  A stylized remake of Broderbund’s classic rescue action shooter Choplifter, Saucelifter involves flying your saucer to the Earth prison barracks, blasting open the doors, picking up your captive crewmates, and dropping them off at the transporter where they’re beamed safely back to your alien world.

A peaceful interstellar mission-gone-wrong has left your crewmates stranded, and in the hands of an aggressive Earth military! Now, your mastery of superior flying-saucer technology is their only hope for survival.

Will you rescue the helpless captives and beam them home to safety.. or will Earth’s mechanized military madness result in your total destruction?

Madgarden has just released a free, lite version of the game [App Store] which offers the tutorial and first four waves on Easy mode, with no day/night progression or highscores.  Marking the release of the lite version, Madgarden is running a sale on the original [App Store] ($0.99, down from $1.99) until the v1.2 update is released.  (The v1.1 update brought numerous enhancements.)

See our gameplay video of the v1.0 original release.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Saucelifter, $0.99 (limited time), Saucelifter Lite, Free