‘Azkend’ – A Beautifully Presented Puzzle Game

211579_3jpgOne game we’ve been meaning to feature for some time is Myth People’s Azkend [App Store].

This $2.99 puzzle game has seen life on multiple platforms including the Mac, PC and Flash. The iPhone version, however, manages to still feel perfectly suited for the device with a very natural use of touch controls.

The goal of the game is to convert the entire screen to blue tiles by sliding your finger across like-icons. As you match three or more icons, the underlying tiles turn blue and you are closer to the end of your task. Like most puzzle games, the full experience is greater than the describing the individual parts, and Azkend, in particular, is a wonderfully polished game with plenty of atmosphere.

The developers have also recently released a Lite version [App Store] of the game which gives you a great feel for the experience.

The game has also earned nothing but praise from our forum members and this more detailed review by Big Albie. At $2.99, it seems a bargain, but you can try the Lite version out for yourself.

App Store Link: Azkend Lite, Free, Azkend, $2.99.