‘Realmaze 3D’ – Get Lost in Your iPhone

897051jpgStarscene Software has released their previously announced Realmaze 3D [App Store] game tonight.

The $0.99 game throws you into a randomly generated three dimensional maze (with ladders) and your job is simply to get out as quickly as possible. You are optionally allowed to use a compass and breadcrumbs to mark your way, but these speed up the timer. Your best times required to escape each maze is kept in a high score table.

The developer describes the game as having “fantastic lighting effects, beautiful graphics, and a sublime soundscape combine to create a mysterious atmosphere". And it’s true. The atmosphere of the game adds a lot to the overall experience.

The game allows you to pick from 5 different sizes of maps from “Tiny" to “Insane". “Tiny" and “Small" are relatively easy but once you try “Normal", a distinct sense of claustrophobia sets in as you unsuccessfully attempt to navigate the maze.

This gameplay video is me trying to make my way out of a “Normal" maze.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

At its core, the game is quite simple: it’s just a maze game. And if you think that’s a boring prospect, you probably shouldn’t get this game. That said, Realmaze 3D is surprisingly well implemented and for only $0.99 delivers a great version of a simple concept.

App Store Link: Realmaze 3D, $0.99