‘One Dot Enemies’ May Drive You Mad

“Meet the smallest enemies in the history of games. They’re only one pixel big. They’re ‘one-dot enemies’!" reads the description of Kenji Eno’s One Dot Enemies [App Store]

The free game involves simply mashing little one-pixel enemies that appear on your iPhone’s screen. Tapping on them squashes them out of existence, but others quickly come to take their place. There’s no time limit for the endeavor, but it keeps track of how many enemies you’ve destroyed in all.

1up also reports on a number of Easter Eggs found in the game:

Despite its small scale, the game features a number of Easter Eggs, as well as some real depth to the game mechanics. At its core, you’re just trying to tap the enemies when you see them on screen, but considering how fast the pixel-high dots move (and how small they are) actually nailing one takes some serious hand-eye coordination. Skilled players will discover what happens if you can hit two O.D.E.s simultaneously, but only the quickest smashers will ever manage to nail 10 O.D.E.s in a row — the game’s most challenging combo.

Kenji Eno is a well known video game designer from Japan who also helped design Newtonica for the iPhone.

This simple game isn’t necessarily going to be for everyone, but it’s an interesting time waster that falls on the artsy-side of game development. Our favorite comment about the game comes from forum member VeganTnT:

I HATE this game! why? Cause after I figured out what I was supposed to do I found 4 invincible “one dot enemies" aka dead pixels. So now i’m playing and I have to remember the position of the dead pixels so I don’t try and tap them again…

Ok, I actually love this game but I’m still pissed about those dead pixels, haha.

App Store Link: One Dot Enemies, Free