Five Different Games in One Package: 5 Fingers Bundle

Five independent developers have banded together to release five previously separate iPhone games into a single discounted bundle. 5 Fingers Bundle [App Store] offers the following titles for $4.99:

  • Chopper ($2.99) – pilot a helicopter to complete missions while combating enemies
  • Sneezies ($1.99) – chain reaction game to pop as many bubbles as you can
  • Blackbeard’s Assault ($1.99) – match 3 balls as they roll towards you
  • Up There ($1.99) – beautiful game where you try to keep the balloon moving up.
  • Burnball ($1.99) – Qix-like game in which you must partition off 75% of the board

We’ve covered each of these games at some point in the past and as an overall package, it’s certainly worth $4.99. They all offer a well polished gaming experience.

Developer’s gameplay video here:

App Store Link: 5 Fingers Bundle, $4.99