Gameloft Delivers ‘Wild West Guns’

Gameloft has released their latest iPhone game Wild West Guns [App Store, $4.99]. While it is another “tap to shoot" targeting game, as always, Gameloft delivers a well polished experience and adds extras to keep it interesting. The game involves your typical target-shooting but also adds environmental bonus targets to shoot (passing birds, rats, bandits).

Features listed include:

  • 18 challenges featuring typical Far West environments (saloons, deserts, stables, trains, etc.)
  • Diverse targets and enemies (cowboys, sheriffs, signs, flying sombreros, balloons, vultures)
  • Interactive backgrounds that allow you to shoot elements in the environment to earn more points
  • Extended lifespan thanks to 5 different game modes
  • Exclusive weapons available only in this iPhone version: enjoy using the shotgun for extended damage and the machine gun to blast the background
  • Use the touch screen to aim and shoot and the accelerometer to free yourself from the grip of an enemy

Gameplay video provided by Gameloft:

App Store Link: Wild West Guns, $4.99