‘LightBike Free’ Attempts to Bring Tron Cycles to iPhone

Pankaku has released a free demo version of their new game called LightBike [App Store] into the App Store. The game tries to bring Tron’s Light Cycles to the iPhone with a 3D implementation in which you try to surround your enemies to force them to crash into a wall.

While the provided gameplay video does look nice, in practice, the free version is a bit boring and there are issues with collision detection. There is only one level and one mode (one player) in this version. The full version is expected for release sometime in February.

Long time readers, however, should not be confused with another Light Bikes game that we looked at back in August. While we have few details of their project, DS Medialabs’ version of Tron’s Light Cycles is said to be in late testing and should also be released soon.