Developers Can Now Issue Free “Promotional” Copies of iPhone Apps

As first reported on, Apple is now offering developers the ability to issue up to 50 promotional copies of their iPhone Apps.

Apple has finally started allowing developers to issue free promotional copies of their iPhone applications. Once an application has been accepted to the App Store by Apple, developers can issue up to 50 promotional codes for their application. The codes allow the recipient to download a full copy of the application for free. Codes can only be presently used in the U.S. iTunes Stores by using the “Redeem" link in the App Store.

The biggest advantage for developers will be allowing them to issue “review" copies to sites without going through the Ad Hoc method of issuing apps.

Here at Touch Arcade, we’d previously only accepted Ad Hoc copies for apps for preview copies of games that are not presently available in the App Store. Overall, however, this new system appears like it could improve lead times on app reviews, as it seems developers are allowed to issue these promotional copies in between the time the app is accepted by Apple and actually released.

Update: We’ve updated our about page to reflect the fact that we will accept Promotional Codes for games.