Atari Releases ‘Backyard Soccer’ and ‘Backyard Baseball’

Atari has released two new games for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Backyard Baseball [App Store] and Backyard Soccer [App Store]. The two games cost $0.99 each, but based on our initial gameplay, they may not even be worth those prices.

Backyard Soccer

Welcome to Backyard Soccer! Joey is ready to play some soccer. In three rounds of exciting soccer action, help Joey pass the ball to his open teammates and score as many points as possible. Use the touch pad to pass the ball to the three teammates as the defenders attempt to stop you from scoring. Careful though! A missed pass or goal costs you as many points as you could have gained. Keep your high scores and hand off the game to your friends to see if they can put up more points than you!

Gameplay involves no player movements. Simply tapping on one of three of your players results in a corner kick which is deflected towards the goal. Opposing players scroll up and down the screen to block your shots. Very simplistic gameplay.

App Store Link: Backyard Soccer, $0.99

Backyard Baseball

Dmitri built a batting simulation in his back yard! Join him in some Backyard Baseball as you attempt to hit the coded targets. Each one will earn you a different hit: a single, double, triple or a home run. You have three innings to get as many runs and points as possible. To keep your skills sharp, the targets will reset as you work your way through the innings and doing well brings up fewer and fewer to aim at — just to keep you on your toes! Keep your high scores and hand the game off to your friends to see if they can put up more points than you!

Gameplay simply involves tapping on the screen to strike the automatic pitches. Tap early and the ball goes towards the left. Tap late and the ball goes towards the right. Depending on which icons you knock over, you earn different types of runs (single, double, home run). Very simple gameplay.

App Store: Backyard Baseball, $0.99

While both of these titles seemed very promising, after spending a brief amount of time with both games, it’s hard to say they are even worth the $0.99. Despite their themes, both games are very simple representations of their respective sports.