Pinch ‘n Pop Multi-Touch Puzzle Game

Chaotic Box has released a multi-touch color matching game into the App Store called Pinch ‘n Pop [App Store].

Pinch ‘n Pop! is a new breed of frantic color matching fun that challenges both your wits and dexterity. Push, flick, and squeeze the self-replicating Squirms to keep their population under control, and maximize your score with color chains and well-timed powerup bursts.

Designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, Pinch ‘n Pop! is a unique arcade experience featuring realistic physics and true multi-touch interaction.

While we know most of you are tired of color-matching games, we appreciate the developer’s effort to design an iPhone-specific game.

The gameplay video shows the game in action:

App Store Link: Pinch ‘n Pop ($3.99)