‘Sprocket’: A Gear-and-Cog Puzzler for the iPhone

SilkLabs‘ gear-and-cog puzzler Sprocket [App Store] for the iPhone may appeal to the meticulous mobile gamer.

We need an engineer to help us finish our machine… and in a hurry!  Tap to select a gear and then drag it into position.  Chain the gears to get the goal gears moving in the right direction.  Race against the clock for bonus points in 30 hand-crafted levels.  But be careful not to jam the machine or spin the goal gears the wrong way.

Sprocket is more challenging than it seems on first inspection.  The array of gears presented will only rest on the evenly spaced white cogs arrayed about the game’s backdrop.  Typically many gear arrangements must be tried before the proper sequence is found.  It’s an interesting diversion…for those with real patience.

Sprocket is available for $2.99 through the iTunes App Store [link].