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rRootage and Noiz2sa Shooters Coming to App Store for Free

When we spoke to iPhone developer Lazrhog last week about his Neverputt ME game, he also revealed he is planning on porting both Noiz2sa “and hopefully" rRootage to the iPhone. These games will be released free of charge and with source code provided.

Lazrhog was responsible for the jailbreak ports of both of these titles prior to the App Store launch. Both games are vertical shooters originally created by Kenta Cho and will be ported with permission.

Based on a recent forum post, it seems he’s settled on porting rRootage first, which should be available in the next week or so.

Video of the Jailbreak version of rRootage shows the game which involves constantly firing against the enemy while dodging wave after wave of attack. A shield can be invoked a limited number of times.

A freely downloadable PC version and Mac version of rRootage are available.

Meanwhile, a video of an iPhone version of Noiz2sa is also available, which should also be coming to the App Store.