Geometric Puzzler ‘Go!’ from Chaonic

Chaonic has recently released iPhone puzzler Go! [App Store] through the iTunes App Store.

Go! is a geometrically inspired puzzle game that is basically a cross between the classic jigsaw puzzle and Tetris.  The Go! gameboard consists a puzzle map of colored blocks above three wells of puzzle pieces, each of a different color and each containing Tetris-like block shapes (there are nine in all).  Clicking on any well rotates the presented shape.  The goal of the game is to fill the puzzle map with pieces from the wells by strategically placing the puzzle pieces on map blocks of a corresponding color before the timer runs out.  Once a puzzle piece is placed on the map, the well from which it came fills with another piece until all pieces of that color are used.  Exactly the number of puzzle pieces needed to fill the map are provided in the wells–no more, no less.  This makes it important to place each piece wisely.  Each well has a reset button that, when tapped once, puts the last placed piece back in the well or resets all placed pieces of that well’s color if tapped twice.  You will get to know the reset button well.

See the gameplay video for a better look at how it all comes together.

Go! features 50 different puzzle maps with difficulty ranging from “child’s play" to “insane."  Game progress is saved with the successful completion of each puzzle.

Go! has a polished feel and features clean, colorful graphics on a scrolling backdrop. The game is pleasantly challenging, requiring strategy on the part of the player, and is a solid pick-up puzzler.  The only real complaint I can offer is the lack of any audio in the current version.

Game Details
Name: Go! (v1.0) Price: $2.99 [Buy]
Developer: Chaonic, LLC
Size: 1.1MB
In Brief: Go! is Tetris meets the jigsaw puzzle.  It’s a geometric puzzler that requires strategy on the part of the player and provides solid pick-up gameplay.