GarageGames Brings the Torque Game Engine to iPhone

GarageGames, a technology provider for independent developers around the world, has recently announced the addition of iPhone support for its Torque game engine.

With eight years of development and hundreds of games under its belt, the Torque Game Engine is the engine that shook up the industry. Large commercial companies like Vivendi love TGE because its quality and feature set rival engines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Successful indie studios like Pocketwatch Games choose TGE because they can make a great game and never pay a dime in royalty fees. Even research institutions like NASA use TGE because they can quickly prototype large-world simulations.

iPhone developers can now utilize Torque’s 2D and 3D toolsets for game development.  Torque for iPhone is based on the the company’s Torque Game Engine and Torque Game Builder and provides a complete game development platform for the device.

Torque for iPhone allows the creation of iPhone games on a PC and includes a WYSIWYG realtime editor, integration with various 3D modeling packages, a scripting language, and iPhone-specific functionality such as: multi-touch input support, touch screen gesture recognition, iPhone optimized texture compression, and advanced character and shape animations.

As Inside Mac Games reports, GarageGames is very excited to be supporting Apple’s new mobile games platform.

“We’ve already seen enormous interest in the iPhone within the Torque community. Game developers want to make games for the iPhone and this is a natural step since we’re already a very good choice for developing OSX games," said Brett Seyler, GarageGames VP of Business Development. “Apple has been great to work with in the past and the very polished iTunes Store as a marketplace for games should encourage developers to continue pushing boundaries on the iPhone without worrying about the usual publishing and distribution difficulties involved in making a successful mobile game."

A sample of titles created with Torque: