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‘Spore Origins’ Demoed on iPhone

TUAW reports on a hands-on demo of EA’s upcoming Spore Origins that will arrive on the iPhone on September 7th. Unfortunately, they were not impressed with the early look at the game.

But we were fairly bored playing the game — while the accelerometer is a good time, your character doesn’t actually mean anything. There’s zero connection between this game and the full version of Spore — you can’t bring your characters out into the Spore world, or see any other characters from other players wandering the iPhone game. It’s completely standalone, and that makes it feel a little unconnected — who cares about this little creature you control when all he’ll ever be is a speck in a Petri dish?

Indeed, Spore Origins, unlike the full Spore game that is destined for the PC and Mac, limits you to life as an ameoba. You create your creature and can navigate 35 levels in the iPhone version, but it seems you can do little else.

EA had demoed Spore in March during the original iPhone SDK announcement.