Freeverse To Release More Than a Dozen iPhone Titles

Freeverse, Inc. has revealed plans to release more than a dozen game titles for iPhone and iPod Touch. Available immediately with the opening of the iTunes App Store will be Wingnuts Moto Racer, Big Bang Sudoku, and Jared: Butcher of Song.

Ian Lynch Smith, President of Freeverse, indicates:

“We are thrilled to have our titles launched together with the iTunes App Store. Wingnuts Moto Racer, Big Bang Sudoku and Jared: Butcher of Song are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned for the iPhone. I don’t think our team has ever been this excited about a platform."

The company describes its initial releases as follows.

In Wingnuts Moto Racer the player will chase evil cat-napping bikers through Andean mountains, desert highways and dangerous underground passages. Steer with the accelerometer and hit the “Punch!" button to fend-off the bad guys as the player races from checkpoint to checkpoint. As an original 3D racing game made specifically for the iPhone, (not a “port" from another platform), Moto Racer truly showcases the power of the iPhone. Moto Racer will be available from the iTunes App Store at launch for $9.99.

Big Bang Sudoku is the first game in the wildly popular “Big Bang" series to come to the iPhone. Over 10,000 puzzles, 4 levels of difficulty and crazy pyrotechnics set Big Bang Sudoku apart. Developed by people who ride the NYC subway, Big Bang Sudoku has been designed for easy one-handed play, and will be available from the iTunes App Store at launch for only $4.99.

Jared: Butcher of Song may have the distinction of being the only app to be available for Mac OS 7, 8, 9, OS X, the Apple Newton and now, the Apple iPhone! This poorly drawn smiley face sings off-key in the worst spanish ever recorded. He’s an affront to the senses, to good taste, perhaps to civilization itself, but he’s a Mac classic and kinda cute too. Jared: Butcher of Song will be available from the iTunes App Store at launch. And he’ll be free.

Freeverse has indicated that the following iPhone games are currently in development and will be released by September.

Big Bang Chess – Winner of an Apple Design Award, this title will be familiar to many Mac users. Big Bang Chess has been re-imagined for iPhone with great graphics and support for Multiplayer (push) play.

Flick Sports – Flick Baseball, Soccer, Bowling, and Golf make perfect use of the multi-touch capabilities unique to the iPhone, allowing you to experience these sports in a whole new way.

3D Card Games – Bridge, Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Pitch-Setback, and Crazy 8’s: These classic card games come with fun characters, beautiful graphics and support for all of the most popular rule variations. These games will make real cards obsolete.

Additionally, the company indicates that several other unnamed titles are currently under active development and will, in time, make their appearence in the iTunes App Store.