Neverball: A Free Alternative to Super Monkey Ball

Too fond of your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch to go “iPhone 2.0" on the 11th?  Not looking forward to your friends with updated iPhones waving Super Monkey Ball in your face?  Well, beat them to the punch–right now–with Neverball for the jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch.

Developer Lazrhog who brought us the port of Kenta Cho’s excellent Noiz2sa has been busy porting the Super Monkey Ball-inspired Neverball to the iPod touch.  He recently released v1.0 to the public; it can be accessed from

From Wikipedia:

The main gameplay of Neverball is based on moving a ball using gravity by tilting the game world, not directly controlling the ball (it is somewhat similar to the game Labyrinth without the holes in the middle). The mouse (or a similar pointing device), keyboard, or joystick tilt the level to help guide the ball to a goal, via an obstacle course, with a set time limit. Moving platforms and other crazy objects get in the way, making levels progressively harder. To unlock the goal on each level, the player must collect a required amount of coins. Coins come in three different colors: yellow, red and blue. Yellow coins are worth 1, red are worth 5 and blue are worth 10 coins or points. Collecting 100 coins gains an extra life.

Neverball is free software under the GNU General Public License and is also avaialble for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and the Sega Dreamcast.

Neverball is not currently slated for release through the iTunes App Store because the developer does not own a Macintosh and, as such, cannot utilize the iPhone SDK for development.  He is currently trying to raise enough money through donations on his product pages to secure a Mac and release his titles for iPhone 2.0 devices.  Looking at the quality of his ports, we hope Lazrhog reaches his goal, and fast!