5-Point Multitouch Available for Gaming Controls

One of the more interesting Jailbroken applications that appeared for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been Moo Cow Music’s instrument apps which turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Piano, Drum, Guitar or a full Band. Youtube movie:

It appears the developer is reworking the applications for official SDK release in the future, but the most interesting discovery is that the iPhone is capable of 5-point multitouch. The video above shows 4 point multi-touch, but the developer’s site indicates that up to 5 distinct points can be detected simultaneously.

From a gaming perspective, this means that complex controls can be implemented with up to 5 points of contact. While its hard to imagine a situation where 5 points of contact would come in handy (maybe the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?), it’s nice to know the number of detectible presses will not be an issue.