Labyrinth for the iPhone

Ok, it’s not Mercury…but it just might be the next best thing.  And it’s definitely more of a “classic" than Archer MacLean’s modern take on it.  It’s Labyrinth for the jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch.  And it’s awesome — my personal favorite iPhone game, right now.

Everyone has seen the classic, physical manifestation of this game, where the player controls the slope of a wooden labyrinth by way of two knobs, the goal being to get a steel ball from start to finish without falling into one of the many holes along the way.  Good fun and frustrating as hell.  We’re happy to say that the iPhone is quite similarly fun and frustrating thanks to the extremely accurate ball physics the author has implemented.  As can be seen from the video, the on-screen ball behaves exactly as one would expect from its real-world counterpart.

The game’s realism is furthered by the care the author has put into the graphics.  As of v1.0.3, sub-pixel rendering is utilized to increase the graphic realism and animation smoothness.  That’s effectively rendering the game at a resolution of 480×960 pixels!

Labyrinth is a free trial download and can be registered for $7 which funds further development and enables downloadable levels.  Don’t miss this amazing title.