Unity Game Engine Coming to iPhone

Unity Technologies has announced that it will soon be supporting iPhone game development through its Unity game engine.

Unity game engineUnity is a Mac OS X-based integrated authoring tool for creating 3D video games or other interactive content for Mac OS X or Windows (with Wii support on the way).  Unity presents the developer with a graphical environment in which to author game content.  The system uses Ageia’s PhysX physics engine and relies upon OpenGL and Direct3D for graphics and OpenAL for sound.

With iPhone support, Unity is poised to become the single source for game developers who want to create best-of-breed, 3D-quality games that can be easily and quickly ported to all platforms, including consoles, devices, PC/Mac, and now, the iPhone," said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Specifically, Unity’s support of iPhone addresses the developer’s need to create more and better mobile/portable games that support the consumers ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle."

Unity is being used by a number of game developers and other institutions including: Smashing Ideas, Trigger, Freeverse,, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Flashbang Studios, ThreeMelons and Skyworks Technologies.

The arrival of any technology that lowers the barrier for software developers to get on-board with game development for the iPhone and iPod touch is surely welcome in our book.