Zelle - Occult Adventure

Odencat Inc.
[Warning] - Parts of this game contain depictions of blood and gore. - Recommended for iPhone6S and above. Older devices…
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[Warning] - Parts of this game contain depictions of blood and gore. - Recommended for iPhone6S and above. Older devices may experience slow downs or fail to run the game properly. [Feature] - An adventure game that interlaces map exploration with heart-pounding battles against demons. - Fervent battles won through well-timed tap the screen. - Meet and part with mysterious and comical characters. - The story of a magical night which will leave you feeling as though you've been dreaming. -------- Dear esteemed player, It is truly a pleasure to meet you. I am Zogzo, Zelle's guide. What is Zelle, you ask? Hmmm. In a word, it's a game that's rather...peculiar. At times your hair may stand on end out of sheer terror. On other occasions you may be overcome by love's warmth. Zelle is quite the unusual horror adventure game. But I digress. Now then, you will experience the world of Zelle through the eyes of our young protagonist, Emerada. Many of our other residents have...eccentric personalities. A boy who loves to dance, a moon-faced man who adores children, a kind Reaper who will show you the way... I imagine you'll meet many unique individuals. Do be careful, however. A multitude of abominable demons reside in this world as well! You can drive them off by tapping the Rosary you carry, but they will resort to anything to devour you. Tread carefully. Isn't it thrilling? Doesn't it get your blood boiling and your body tingling? What a wonderful world this is. Does a glimmer of light await you at the end of the tunnel or only the black depths of despair? I eagerly await your journey to the world of the gothic horror Zelle. May we meet again when you turn the final page of this extraordinary story. Your adoring Reaper, Zogzo
Seller:Odencat Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Apr 17, 2020
Updated:Sep 24, 2020
Size:235.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal