You Will Crash! Racing Game

Nicholas Gurley
This is a full-featured game featuring 24 tracks and no ads! -------------------- 2187: RACING IS DEAD. The art of drivi…
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This is a full-featured game featuring 24 tracks and no ads! -------------------- 2187: RACING IS DEAD. The art of driving is a gray wash on a dull canvas. ACE DRIVERS in the underbelly of NEON LAGOON take old hotrods from the clutches of CARBOR CORPORATION and race them through Artificial Intelligence-controlled Highways, Construction Zones, and the mind-bending landscapes of NEON LAGOON; all to prove themselves the fastest racer. Use the CARBOR-branded BOOST panels to increase your SPEED. Attain MASTERY over the tracks around NEON LAGOON. Get ready to race, and never forget what the infamous racers of NEON LAGOON claim: "YOU WILL CRASH!" -------------------- In this retro, arcade-inspired hectic lane changer, race through NEON LAGOON. Your vehicle gains speed every successful lap, allowing you to claim a faster and faster time. Watch out! You will face obstacles and on-coming vehicle traffic as you race through the vaporwave & synthwave aesthetic inspired canvas that makes up the landscape of NEON LAGOON, with amazing jumps, loops, and more. When you crash you lose speed, and if you crash too many times, your race is over! Race against yourself and beat your best times, unlocking more tracks as you progress. Play regularly to unlock special bounty tracks that only unlock at special times! - Easy-to-use touch controls make this a quick game to learn - Race your car through 24 tracks in the NEON LAGOON landscape - Use boost panels to increase your speed! - Gain more speed each lap! - Save your best lap speeds in order to race against yourself! - Avoid on-coming traffic - if you get hit you slow down! - Get into too many crashes and its GAME OVER! - Thrilling music and sound effects - Amazing 3D visuals, camera effects, and incredible graphics - This is a full-featured game with hours of content and no ads! -------------------- Race in NEON LAGOON and prove yourself the best racer!
Seller:Nicholas Gurley
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:Feb 22, 2024
Updated:Feb 22, 2024
Size:135.8 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal