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*With MORE than 200,000 Words to play - There is ALWAYS a word to play, can you find them?*

"Most Fun Word…
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*With MORE than 200,000 Words to play - There is ALWAYS a word to play, can you find them?*

"Most Fun Word Making Game on the App Store"

*Over 10 times the word making potential of other Word Games on the App Store*

*Words ALWAYS available GUARANTEED, thanks to the revolutionary 2 letter tile design*

Word Links features a twist on the regular word making game - Word Links uses six-sided cubes instead of flat tiles, and double lettered cubes too!
This means up to 12 letters can be found on each single cube, which opens the possibilities of creating some high-scoring words against your opponent!

But that is not the best feature in Word Links! As part of your five assigned cubes in each round, two yellow cubes feature double letters on them. This opens up some competitive word play for the budding word boffin!


● Unique & Original Word Game
● Up to six letters per cube
● Double letter yellow cubes
● Consonant blue cubes
● Vowel orange cubes
● Bonus scores for all cubes played in one turn
● Bonus board zones help score extra points
● Facebook integration (Play with your friends)
● Pass & Play local mode
● Detailed Player Statistics
● Share moves played with your friends
● In-game chatroom during gameplay
● Push alerts keep you updated on each game
● Universal application support

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Genre:Puzzle, Word
Release:Dec 07, 2012
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