Wildlife Hunter : Survival

Govind Narayan
Introducing "WildLife Hunter Survival Challenge," the ultimate hunting adventure that will test your skills and resilien…
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Introducing "WildLife Hunter Survival Challenge," the ultimate hunting adventure that will test your skills and resilience in the wild! Immerse yourself in a thrilling world where survival and precision hunting go hand in hand. Embark on an epic journey through diverse landscapes as you face the challenge of two exciting game modes: Level Mode and Survival Mode. In Level Mode, sharpen your hunting instincts and complete various tasks by taking down specific animal targets. Show off your marksmanship and strategic thinking as you progress through increasingly difficult levels. If you're up for the ultimate test of survival, then Survival Mode is for you. Brace yourself as waves of wild animals approach, each more aggressive than the last. Your goal is to withstand the onslaught and survive against all odds. Can you keep your cool and outsmart these cunning creatures? Prepare to encounter a wide range of majestic animals in their natural habitats. From graceful deer and sly foxes to powerful wolves and formidable bears, each hunt presents a unique challenge. Be alert and adapt your hunting techniques accordingly. Explore the vast wilderness and encounter rare species like moose bull, moose cow, and nimble hares. To enhance your gaming experience, "WildLife Hunter Survival Challenge" offers an optional in-app purchase that removes ads. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and immerse yourself fully in the thrilling hunt. Key Features: Engaging gameplay with two modes: Level Mode and Survival Mode Challenging tasks and objectives in Level Mode Survival against waves of aggressive animals in Survival Mode Stunning environments and realistic animal behaviors Diverse range of animals to hunt, including deers, foxes, wolves, bears, moose, and hares Optional in-app purchase to remove ads Step into the shoes of a skilled hunter, survive the wilderness, and become the ultimate Wild Life Hunter! Are you ready to face the challenge? Download "WildLife Hunter Survival Challenge" now and unleash your hunting prowess!
Seller:Govind Narayan
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:May 16, 2023
Updated:May 18, 2023
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